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Jun 18, 2017

Pilgrimage LivingSpaces: SHOP THE LOOK with INDIAN OPULENCE

India is a land of exotic intrigue, authentic craftsmanship and vibrant colour. All of these are translated into the interior spaces that are intrinsically Indian in influence. And now you can shop the look locally thanks to Pilgrimage LivingSpaces who stock a selection of authentic Indian home decor and furniture.

How can you incorporate Indian Design in your home? Follow our top tips here: Traditional decorative cabinets Painted or embellished with inlay work using mirrors, stones, ivory, or metal, traditional decorative cabinets serve as storage units in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Use them as accents alongside solid wood pieces to lighten the mood of your spaces. We particularly love the opulent and luxurious grey Mother of Pearl Inlay (2) and bedside table (5)  which will bring the magic and elegance of India into your bedroom.

The look is perfectly completed with the gleam of the glass crystal handles. Delicately carved pieces of Mother of Pearl shell have been individually and carefully inlaid onto a wooden frame, in an elaborate and exotic floral pattern. These are sourced directly from the artisans in the magical region of Rajasthan, India. Each piece has been handcrafted in a process that can take weeks, creating a timeless piece. Informal “people” spaces Indian home design centres around versatile, informal spaces that allow relaxed interaction. Create different levels of seating using high chairs, sofas, diwans and footstools.

Rugs and floor cushions lend warmth and comfort to decor and can be used liberally. Traditional Indian pieces such as the swing, or jhoola, can bring a playful and decadent vibe to your spaces. We love the Reclaimed Charpoy Daybed (4) which is lightweight for easy carrying. The bed allows you to set up a comfortable place to rest wherever you desire. Finish its mango wood legs and fiber woven surface with scatter cushions for added style. Intricate patterns and motifs

Patterns and motifs are a vital part of Indian interior design. These include the Indianized version of the paisley pattern, intricate mandala motifs and nature-inspired themes with flowers, birds, animals. Look at the intricate detail of this Indian Jali (1). Put that final touch of “wow” on the look of any room with this mango wood Jali four-panel screen.

Use it in place of a headboard to bring eastern flair to the bedroom or section off a space while still allowing air to pass through. The ways you can add this screen to your decor are limited only by your creativity. Colour Bright and varied colours are the hallmark of Indian interior design. While it’s hugely tempting to go crazy with such a vast palette, too much colour can create visual chaos.

Opt for earthy tones – ochre yellows, rich browns and burnt oranges for your walls and floors. You can also opt for a safe, bicolour theme – using a neutral shade as a base colour and bursts of a peppy primary colour for accents. We love the natural colour palette featured in the image. The Keben Nesting basket set (6) available in natural and white is ideal to store your treasures and trinkets. Finish off the look with the woven Bamboo Pendant Round (3) to complement the natural materials in your space.

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