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May 25, 2018

Pierre Cronje: For The Love Of The Craft

Pierre Cronje sets the benchmark in hand-crafted quality solid wood furniture and well-proportioned aesthetic design. Their approach is expressed in each furniture design and their signature pieces combine tradition, craftsmanship and a love of solid wood – whether raw, polished, aged or indigenous.

The integrity of Pierre Cronje’s designs, the construction and the use of only solid timbers are the distinguishing characteristics of all their furniture.

With a commitment to never compromise the high standards and fine quality of their work, the design and attention to detail, are core to Pierre Cronje’s value proposition.

Both the contemporary and heritage furniture ranges celebrate the unique; reflecting individual style and showcasing the character of wood.


Bergain Dining Tables and Chair

Pierre Cronje offers the following:


Inspired by the designs of the Cape Dutch Settlers and French Huguenots, and drawing on Shaker-style simplicity, Pierre Cronje revises these traditions into unique, iconic furniture pieces as per their heritage range. On the opposite side of the spectrum sits the contemporary furniture which borrows elements from all styles and eras, making it truly iconic. Bespoke tables with a combination of timber and handmade polished stainless steel and/or glass bases reflect a design versatility. The end product is often a breathtaking piece of art.


In recent years Pierre Cronje has been commissioned to design, manufacture and install custom fittings for a number of prestigious clients such as Rupert & Rothschild, Vergelegen, Delaire Graff, Luminance and the Cape Grace Hotel. Their custom architectural fittings include interior fixtures, exposed roofing beams and ceilings, stairs and balustrades, as well as wall paneling, shelves and more.


Pierre Cronje hardwood floors are uniquely crafted with the qualification of value to suit the most refined tastes, making the choice a long-term investment that won’t let you down.

Wood is a natural material and varies in character, colour and texture and with age, your Pierre Cronje solid wood floor will enhance in appearance. Every hand-finished floor follows a timeous manufacturing and installation process and the floor will last for many decades.

The Pierre Conje selection of high-quality solid wood essentials can be ordered directly from the factory from the comfort of your home.

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