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Modern products often boast innovative designs and styles that speak to contemporary lifestyles. As such, this week’s top designer product goes to the creative ingenuity known as Ping by international design company Joe Velluto (JVLT). 

“Ping walks with a funny gait, hops and lets himself slide on ice, pushing himself with wings and feet. In water instead, he is an agile and fast swimmer. But his real dream has always been to become a singer. He tried in all ways and followed lots of courses, but it was only JoeVelluto (JVLT) who succeeded in revealing his true nature: lying down with his tummy up, he has become the best singer in the whole of the South Pole!” Available in an array of modern colours, this decorative product, developed by Joe Velluto (JVLT), an industrial design and communication studio, can now be purchased locally through SW Contracts.   Contact: SW Contracts

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