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Jan 24, 2019

Peter JA Stuart: Time Honoured Roots with Accento

When a love is genuine it never ends. The more the years go by, the more it gains strength. Also, the creative calling at Accento has time-honoured roots. It was 1931 when grandpa Lino transformed the passion of a child into the job of a lifetime, setting up his own firm.

Year after year, generation after generation, currently the features of Accento are those of Gianfranco and Elisa, whereas the future will be in the hands of Alberto and Eleonora.

Today Accento can be experienced around the globe – the true beauty of this Italianbrand explored and appreciated the world over. In South Africa, Accento is available through agents, Peter JA Stuart.

Thorough continuity, unfailingly serving new solutions and many an interpretive style, as well. No matter what the crisis may be like, since Accento’s love for its chairs is wholehearted. Indestructible, as the bond with the land. Precious, like the wood they model.

The brand is the epitome of timeless seating – beautiful chairs and furniture that continues to expand. Peter JA Stuart is a trusted provider of world renowned fine furniture. They have a flair for beautifully designed furniture and exceptional craftsmanship, such as those defined by Accento.

Find all the latest Accento offerings now available from Peter JA Stuart.

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