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Onsite Gallery: A meeting point for old and new

Since 2005, David Bell has been sourcing an eclectic mix of architectural artefacts, lighting, furniture and much more from all over the world and primarily Argentina. The result is an ever-changing collection of often massive, always out of the ordinary pieces reflecting a rich mix of cultures and eras.

Never to be confused with a dusty antique shop, Onsite Gallery offers pieces both old and new that can hold their own in the most contemporary of spaces and the most monumental of surroundings. They started developing a range of strong limited edition items manufactured locally. Along the way, clients have cajoled them into co-creating one of a kind projects. The results are to be seen in many of South Africa’s most beautiful wine farms, restaurants and homes. Onsite gallery is located in the burgeoning heart of Woodstock looking up at Table Mountain. In store, you will find Hanri Rossouw who is both knowledgeable about the stock and eager to help you find what you are looking for, whether your project is residential or commercial. Due to the age and nature of the interesting products at pieces available at the gallery, imperfections and flaws are often part of their character. Stock also moves very quickly with new stock received every week. If you want to enquire about the pricing or status of an item, whether sold or available, you will need to contact them directly. Onsite Gallery is also available for hire as a venue for photographic shoots. Except for the most fragile pieces, they also hire out stock to the movie and advertising industry at a rate of 20% of the retail price. Packaging and delivery can also be arranged for clients locally and internationally.

To find out more about the works of Onsite Gallery, visit their website at Onsite Gallery.

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