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Feb 15, 2018

Maldini Introduces The world of Porada: “Learn, live, dream”

Porada’s collection is wide and varied, made up of a multitude of occasional furniture developed in cooperation with international designers. These bespoke designs are now available locally in South Africa through agents, Maldini.

Started in 1948, everything is born from a love of wood at Porada. The solid wood, worked with the craftsmanship of those who know how to turn a log into a piece of artwork! Porada’s latest campaign comprises three brand new ADV pages of Porada “Learn, live, dream”, featuring pieces from the successful Seventeen collection (see below), launched in Milan in April 2017 and presented also in major international exhibitions. The campaign represents everyday life moments in elegant and unmistakable environments. It is magnificent and bright with the Kirk sofa as the unconditional main character of the scene. In the background, we have the Dalida bookshelf, the Thayl table with the Ella chairs and the Gary lamp. A modern, cosy and sophisticated house, never pretentious, but capable to meet everyone’s needs. The campaign boasts not only aesthetic perfection, attention to the details and precious materials, but also functionality and comfort. More about the Porada campaign: A group of friends populate the scene. They all share a passion for a sport rich in tradition, but contemporary at the same time: golf. A fair portrait of Porada values are anchored in tradition but always addressed to the future. In the single pages, a bedroom takes the stage, where the Nyan bed and Bayus night table stand out. A striking dining room is also featured, made unique by the Thayl table and Ella chairs. Just like in the double page, the everyday life scenes occur in a warm and refined environment. These pictures will support Porada throughout the important year of its 70th anniversary. A good way to remember their origins and celebrate the future of this impeccable brand!

Left too Right: ops mirror,  escher and belt bench

fellow sofas

The main strength of Porada goes beyond the wood. It is something that has nothing to do with the quality of the materials or cutting-edge machinery. It’s the human factor. They’re people, who for years have become part of this family, who treat products as they would treat their own belongings, putting all their care and passion in their daily work.

Trunk table ella chair giove mirror


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