Maldini: Arketipo Firenze

Fashion and craftsmanship blend together in the creation of the extraordinary. Arketipo Firenze was started in 1982, when a passion for quality within the Florentine textile manufacturing industry led to the creation of inspired Italian upholstered furniture created with the utmost attention to detail.

In 2011, Arketipo was acquired by Cattelan Italia, worldwide pioneer of Italian furniture and today the brand is available locally through agents Maldini in South Africa.

Oracle, tavolo – design Gino Carollo

Florence has always been a vivacious and lively city; a symbol of Italian culture and good;  ancient but at the same time up to date and never banal. In this city, art, beauty and excellence are always at the forefront. The Florentine textile and manufacturing tradition continues to inspire today and we can see how persistent curiosity and skill work together at companies such as Arketipo.

Auto-reverse, divano – design Giuseppe Viganò – Studio Viganò

The company sets the trend and creates unique and personalized products, inspired by Florentine trasition and style. Each piece re-interprets the timeless values of the craft, combined with a deep sense of heritage in a rich and lively way.

Ula, small table.

Behind the Name:

The word archetype derives from old Greek translation and its meaning refers to the concept of an idea, image, original model (archè: original – tipos: model). The name Arketipo was therefore chosen by the company because its meaning contains original thoughts and ideas with distinctive designs.

This word expresses the know how of Arketipo Firenze, which has been developed through the search for high quality materials and the study of new design forms. Ideas become unique and original items and translated into stunning furniture for the home.

Roxy, amchair

Inspiration is often drawn from parallel worlds, to make a classic fabric innovative and vice versa, like in historical ateliers. Creative matches, materials and colour shades transcend the contemporary and create a lifestyle state somewhere between the dream world and provocation. Arketipo therefore explores our perceptions, the scenario blends design and traditional craftsmanship of precious fabrics and leathers. The result is that each product is unique.

Loft, divano – design Adriano Piazzesi

“I like thinking that someone approaches us because he feels special and would like to get a handmade product with the best Florentine textile manufacturing.” – Lorenzo Cattelan – CEO of Arketipo

Twiggy, poltrona – design

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