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Jan 31, 2018

Maison et Objet weaves its magic

Last week The Modern Home Company visited Paris to bring you the best of home design at Maison et Objet. So what’s hot, happening and on trend for 2018? We have two words for you: Metallics. Weaves. It seems the world is in love with knit, crochet, riempie, cane-bending, binding and every other kind of weave that you can think of, both natural and synthetic. Take a look at some of the show stoppers featured here – most of which are both for indoor and outdoor use:

Gervasoni’s new INOUT range of outdoor chairs – five different weave styles in one range alone – superb for a cohesive designer ‘eclectic’ look.

Neoprene yarn hand-knitted, crocheted and woven into baskets, vases and poufs:

Crochet lighting for interior or exterior: a handmade, machine-washable cover fits over a polycarbonate injection-moulded structure to give a fusion of traditional crafts and contemporary materials – mix the weaves, shapes and sizes for a truly organic look to a space – particularly suitable for lodges, hotels and other areas requiring robust and safe outdoor lighting (there is no exposed glass or bulb): Metallics shone through the Halls at Maison, making their way onto most of the stands in one way or another, whether as the centerpiece or as accessories. And the lustre wasn’t restricted to straightforward gold, silver or copper. Colour with metallic sheen made an appearance as well:

These stunning in/out bar and dining tables in robust sheet metal come in any one of 32 colours, many of which have a metallic or pearly finish.

The delicate ‘rose gold’ trend of 2016/2017 seems to have translated outdoors in 2018 with the more solid and weather-beaten look of anodized copper. These ‘Gentleman’s Chairs ‘ are copper, natural leather and very oversized!

Finally, Gervasoni and their Head of Design Paola Navone have absolutely nailed it with both indoor and outdoor elements combining metallic and weaving, making this the ‘go to’ brand of the show. Brass, gold, and weaving in wicker and neoprene, showed up the design house’s mastery in natural elements and styling. The lustre of Maison et Objet has not dimmed… for more detail or prices on any of the products here, please contact The Modern Home Company.

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