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Jun 14, 2019

Live in Style with Spitfire Furniture

Spitfire furniture is a luxury furniture and décor brand, offering bespoke designer furniture, lighting, and décor. Each piece is made by hand using soft Brazilian leather, together with classy, yet durable, aluminium. When fusing these timeless materials, they result in contemporary furniture pieces, with an elegant finish.

We chatted to the man behind the brand, Josh Broome, about what makes him tick and how he continues to find inspiration for a growing furniture brand.

What’s your go-to classic colour choice?


Is there a hotel, interior or building that’s most inspired your work?

The Flat Iron building in Manhattan, NY. It epitomizes timeless design, even a hundred years later and it still inspires.

A place you love to visit?

Bali for a relaxed holiday to chill out! I love the peaceful culture and the Balinese people who are so welcoming. New York is another favourite for almost the opposite reasons – the non stop energy, abrupt locals and bustle of the crazy city. It all adds to its appeal.

Where do you go to spot new styles?

Mostly trade shows from Asia to the USA. I also like to visit as many furniture and design showrooms on my travels for inspiration. At the moment we are focusing on affordable quality ranges so most of my time has been spent in fabric houses for our new range of sofas which are beautifully made yet really affordable.

Do you have a favourite restaurant?

Cape Town is blessed with some amazing chefs and restaurants so we are spoilt for choice. I recently dined at Riverine Rabbit which was fantastic. My other favourites are Waterkloof, La Colombe and The Test Kitchen.

Who or what is your biggest design influence?

Italian furniture design although quite different to our style is inspiring so I am planning on attending the Florence Institute of Design to broaden my knowledge and hopefully learn some Italian!

Any interesting projects you are working on?

I have designed and produced a range of furniture made from original aircraft parts including jets and commercial aircraft.

We have boardroom tables, bar tables, coffee tables and desks available which are all totally unique, hand made, have a serial number and plaque.

We are also finishing a project for a very well known business man in Johannesburg which has been really exciting. It involved designing and manufacturing many bespoke furniture and lighting pieces for an Industrial style home.

Spitfire furniture pieces are crafted handsomely to showcase their exceptional value. At Spitfire, no piece is identical. Therefore, unlike any of its kind, each is a rare beauty that will transform any part of your home.

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