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Jun 3, 2019

Leonardo Design: The Beauty of Morning Light

The morning light streaming into a room offers a new start full of possibilities. There is simply nothing as striking as morning light and the many reflections it poses to our interiors.

Here are some of our favourite glitzy table offerings from Leonardo Design to help add style to your living room and help reflect the light in a new and interesting way.

A coffee table should be a statement piece rather than an afterthought. Apart from the shape and the proportions, other aspects to consider include the material from which the table is made, the finish and the colour. These elements have to be sync in order for the design to be successful and suitable for the space. A non-rectangular option softens the angles of a room and leaves enough space to move around comfortably.

Add a bit of understated glitz and glamour to your living room with this metallic number, the Hexagonal Coffee Table by Leonardo Design, paired here with their Shards Side Table, both come with a powder-coated Grey Ferrugrain Finish that has a sensual feel that is soft and suede-like to the touch for a decidedly sophisticated effect!

Choose furniture that will suit your personality and still offer functionality and style. A table is a staple in any room, and Leonardo Design are sure to meet all of your needs with an array of bespoke tables made for every possible interior. Here you will find the right piece to suit your space and add a sophisticated flair to your home.

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