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Jun 3, 2018

La-Z-Boy: Comfort & Style For Dad

Dad’s chair – an island of comfort where the man of the house can sit back and relax. Whether your Dad is sports-mad, or an avid gamer, a movie buff, a ferocious reader, or he just likes to relax, unwind and shoot the breeze – a recliner is a great in-home asset for any guy.

Says Claire Gibson from leading furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy: “Father’s Day is just around the corner, but sometimes selecting the perfect Father’s Day present can be a bit tricky… especially for those Dads who have everything that they could want in life. However, there is one gift that never fails to please – a recliner.”

“Gifting your Dad with a recliner is not just about the actual physical present, but it is about offering him the concept of owning his very own in-home throne. A recliner is a place in which to relax that is exclusively his, where comfort reigns supreme.” advises Claire.

However, she says that although it would be fun to surprise him on the day, it is advisable to rather let him choose his own recliner: “Dads come in all shapes and sizes, with their own requirements and sense of style, so it might be best to let him test a few recliners out and choose his own. Rather buy him a gift card and go shopping with him when he redeems it, or take him out for a Father’s Day meal and end it with a reclining chair shopping trip. This way, you can ensure that he ends up with a recliner that fits his shape, size and style.”

Here are Claire’s top considerations for those in the market for a good quality recliner:

• Recliner or incliner: Incliners and recliners look the same, and they are similar in that they both allow you to lie back and relax. However, the two types of chairs operate in very different ways. With a recliner, the back leans, or reclines backwards, allowing those who are seated in it to lie back and stretch out. With an incliner on the other hand, the seat moves forward, and at the same time, the back moves down into place where the seat was before. The main benefit of an incliner is that it can be fitted very close to a wall, as it requires very little reclining space behind the chair. So, if space is limited, then an incliner is the perfect option.
• Aesthetics: There is no longer any need to compromise on good looks in lieu of comfort – today, you can invest in designer recliners/incliners that look as good as they feel. La-Z-Boy recliners/incliners for example, boast sleek modern designs and they are available in a wide variety of upholstery options, including fabric, leather-uppers and full genuine leather.
• Level of comfort: It is imperative to try the motion seat out before you buy it, as not everybody is the same height, weight or size. Your recliner/incliner should offer superior comfort and you should be able to customise its position to suit your particular body shape and needs.
• Health and lumbar support: Check out whether the seating offers complete lumbar support to your entire body in all positions, even when reclining, as it has been scientifically proven that this helps to reduce back pain. La-Z-Boy® recliners are sprung for complete body and lumbar support in all 18 positions.
• Guaranteed longevity: Find out how the units are constructed, and what they are made from. The guarantee is a good indicator of what kind of quality you are investing in. La-Z-Boy® recliners/incliners boast a 4-sided Unibody frame design crafted of superior Radiata hardwood and steel for lasting durability. All La-Z-Boy® recliners/incliners come with a unique 10-year limited warranty for added peace of mind and confidence.
• Additional features: Look for various add-on features that will allow you to customise your in-seat comfort. Single La-Z-Boy® incliners for example, have the option of the following motion mechanisms aside from the standard manual incliner: a manual layflat incliner for 180-degree reclining, a swivel motion, a power incliner for the ultimate in automatic relaxation, and a hi-lift incliner for those who don’t find it easy to get in and out of a seating position on their own.

Here’s Claire’s “can’t-miss” top La-Z-Boy® reclining options for Father’s Day:

  • Norman Recliner with full leather upholstery: Suggested retail price – R13799,00. Available with leather uppers or fabric upholstery as well.
  • Uptown Incliner with full leather upholstery: Suggested retail price – R13099,00. Available with leather uppers or fabric upholstery as well.
  • Downtown Incliner with full leather upholstery: Suggested retail price – R13599,00. Available with leather uppers or fabric upholstery as well.
  • Downtown Incliner with full leather upholstery: Suggested retail price – R13299,00. Available with leather uppers or fabric upholstery as well.

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