LaForma SA: Be A Flamingo In A Flock of Pigeons

Flamingos are making a stylish come back in a big way… Add some summer flair to your home with inspiration from these graceful creatures and some design advice from LaForma SA.

“With the colour of flame” is the literal translation of the Spanish word “flamenco”, from which the word flamingo is derived.

Flamingos might be one of the most extraordinary birds in the world but did you know that they are also hot property when it comes to home decor.

The flamingo was born to stand out and so should your home!
Make any space fla-mazing with LaForma SA’s flamingo range of wallpaper, canvas prints and accent scatter cushions.

Advice from a flamingo:
– Wade into life –
– Stand out in a crowd –
– Spend time with your flock –
– Find the right balance –
– Show your true colour –
– Keep your beak clean –
– Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet –

Find the latest Flamingo-inspired trends and colours now available from LaForma SA. Shop the look here:

Get in touch with and let’s flamingle!



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