Kare Design: Go Glam with Cocktail Living

Create your very own cocktail lounge vibe at home this summer with Kare Design. From glamorous furniture pieces to dramatic accessories and more, get the look with the latest in-store finds to add some glam to your home.

Bring a high-end ambience to your living room with designer furniture that will certainly add the sparkle we have come to expect in a glamorous cocktail lounge. Think luxe fabrics, dramatic colours and textures, and quality furniture in a blend of sophisticated style.

Kare Design has you covered with playful accessories and stylish items that can work as centrepieces in your abode. The KARE brand symbolises furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic – never boring and always full of imagination and inspiration.

Take for example the Flamingo framed print (1) which will add a quirky element to any living space. We also love the blush colour palette that is so on trend at the moment, as evident in the choice of stylish sofas on offer from Kare with the Sofa Organic (5) and sofa Molly 3-seater (7).

Kare Design includes fascinating discoveries from obscure artisan workshops and slightly crazy but unique pieces of furniture creating a ‘wow’ effect, not to mention lovingly crafted solid wood furniture that will be cherished for a lifetime.

We love the gold details that will definitely elevate your interior, including the Giant Gold Wall Clock (2) to make a real wow statement in your living space, as well as Sunburst Mirror (6) with intricate detailing in a beautiful metallic finish.

KARE is an unconventional furniture company which strictly rejects run-of-the-mill concepts, operates strategically with a feel for the market and ensures continued success with revolutionary furnishing ideas.

Shop the look at Kare Design.



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