Kare Design: How To Decorate With A Folding Screen

Folding screens can be used in any room. If you have a big open plan space that needs to be separated into individual zones, a folding screen may be your answer. Here we share some innovative ways to decorate with a folding screen, with our top picks from Kare Design.

Divide Your Living Room

Open plan living is on trend but it may be hard to demarcate clear zones for eating, relaxation or simply watching TV. A folding screen can help you create the perfect divide between spaces, in a stylish yet practical way. Beautiful screens are now on the market in a variety of finishes and colours to suit your style. Choose something contrasting to add drama to your living room, or choose something neutral to add to the symmetry of your space.

Decorate A Wall

A folding screen does not need to feature in the middle of a room. If you have a blank wall and a screen you absolutely love, turn it into a feature and position it against a wall. Instantly, you have wall art to add colour and life to your space.

A Headboard

A folding screen may be a great option as a headboard in the bedroom. With so many design options to choose from, you are really spoilt for choice. Choose something bold to add flair to your master suite. We love colourful or even wooden options for a sleek and contemporary look behind the bed.

Create A Dressing Room

Use a simple folding screen in the bedroom and create your very own walk-in closet or dressing room space. A screen is ideal to help you establish some privacy and will add a stylish design element to your room.

Hide Clutter

If you have a multi-functional space at home such as a guest room that needs to be used as a sewing or craft room too, then invest in a screen to hide the clutter as your room’s needs change. A simple folding screen is a great way to keep things looking neat and tidy – no mess, no fuss.

Find the perfect screen to add style to your home from Kare Design.


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