Kare Design: Elements – Strength From Nature

Elegant. Glamourous. Natural. It’s the Elements Collection by renowned brand KARE Design.

The longing for nature and calm within our own four walls remains a major trend this season. KARE’S response to this nostalgia is the new ‘Elements’ furnishing theme world, which places roughly hewn materials in an elegant context.

‘Elements’ generates associations with archaic landscapes and derives its vitality from the exciting juxtaposition of wood with glass and metal. Inspiration is provided by natural experiences such as the calm of a Swiss mountain lake or the wildness of Scotland’s rocky coastline. The ‘Fundy’ side table features a lake of greenish glass in its solid wood top.

It is all about the materials: rough stone, precious metals, and high-quality wood combined in elegant and dark colours.

KARE succeeds like no other brand in tracking down style icons, developing trends and innovations in furniture design, and then using them to fulfil the dreams of furnishing enthusiasts. Open to spontaneity and with the courage to innovate, their trend scouts and creative spirits fashion surprising, affordable and desirable lifestyle collections. For unconventional and romantic spirits, for the wild and the style-conscious, for birds of paradise and all those who cast off all constraints when it comes to furnishing their own home.

Take a closer look at some of the key pieces in the Elements Collection here:

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  1. Really nice article 🙂

    I’ve always been interested in using natural materials in my home in order to liven certain room sup a bit. When it’s done as well as it has here, it certainly can add so much style and character to your home and makes the decor seem less generic.

  2. Thanks for sharing this.

    I work with a number of handymen in London at the moment and they have always found that naturally designed decor is the most compelling.

    It’s down to personal preference I guess, but it would be much better to work in buildings that emit a natural tone compared to generic and sterile office environments.


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