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Jul 24, 2019

Inova Contracts: The Pleasure of Being Together

Pedrali tables collection enhances convivial moments at home and in contract environments. You can now find the latest Pedrali collections available from Inova Contracts.

The pleasure of being together is enhanced by the versatile solutions of the tables collection provided by Pedrali. These are suitable for dining rooms or executive offices, including flexible tables with height adjustable or tilting tops. Expect maximum adaptability in versatile working environments or tables in different heights to meet any need – indoor or outdoor. The tables collection is also ideal in spaces including cafes, restaurants and even stylish hotels.

Elinor table, designed by Claudio Bellini and presented at the last edition of Salone del Mobile in Milano, is a refined product with premium aesthetic credentials. It meets the needs of a constantly-changing market. The base is formed of two moulded elements of fixed dimensions upholstered in genuine leather. It can be placed at will and may create a variety of aesthetic results, which characterise domestic settings or executive offices.

Elinor table, designed by Claudio Bellini

To respond to the constant need for change, along with the varied requirements of contemporary and multipurpose spaces, Pedrali proposes two collections of tables. Arki-Table adjustable allows to adjust the height of the top and is able to adapt to the user’s needs,  making real the concept of smart and dynamic offices.


Ypsilon tilting, designed by Jorge Pensi, is a stackable table with castors and tilting top
and it can be moved and stored away when not in use: a cutting-edge and versatile solution, it conveys both attention to details and a high-tech elements.

Elliot and Fluxo tables perfectly furnish cafes and restaurants, especially when there is a need to create continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces,  thanks to the variety of finishes available, including those for outdoor use. 

Elliot, designed by the French designer Patrick Jouin, has an elegant silhouette
and minimal design. The three-lobed column in extruded aluminium narrows down and splits open to form three or four feet in die-cast aluminium,  which elegantly sit on the floor. 

Ypsilon Tilting

Fluxo, resulting from the first collaboration with the designer Luca Casini, has clean and minimalist lines, with meticulous detailing. The circular-section vertical column stretches down, spreading out into ‘ribbons’ that form the base of the table, made in die-cast aluminium.

Inova Contracts is a well-established market leader in the contract furniture industry with an extensive client base, both locally and internationally.

Discover more from Pedrali now available at Inova Contracts.

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