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“Blessed be the man who invented sleep,” – Don Quixote

ELITE’s master craftsmen know that although 21st century technology is progressing at breakneck speed, the secret of a good night’s sleep still lies in selecting fine materials that are then meticulously hand-assembled. Of all the fine things we have access to, a good night’s sleep is still the most personal, and one that calls for a personalised solution.

The Hall Collection stocks some of the great mattresses from ELITE. Here their benefits:

The Master

Exceptionally soft, comfortable, and supportive, this mattress is composed of a 5-layer body of pocket springs. Providing simultaneous softness and support, the core is composed of a system of anatomical zones adapted to the form of the sleeper’s body. The next two layers are used to eliminate all the pressure exerted on the body by gravity. The Maestro is unique: assembled entirely by hand, it is stuffed with absolutely extraordinary 100% natural padding.


The unique “Duoflex” suspension ensures exceptional comfort and softness. The pocket springs progressively compress for dynamic, localised support for the spinal column and the lumber area. The 7 comfort zones allow relief of excessive pressure on the sensitive zones of the body such as the nape of the neck, the cervical vertebrae, the shoulders, and, of course, the hips. The layers shown on the right ensure perfect thermo-regulation while absorbing moisture and odors and offering incomparable coziness.



Featuring just the right blend of softness and support, this model is distinguished by progressive anatomical adjustment and good sleep independence for couples, meaning that one person is not disturbed if the other person moves or rolls over. This time-tested technique makes it possible to achieve what Elite call a work of art.


With its core of independent pocket springs, this mattress offers exceptional comfort that is both soft and firm. Its design guarantees a high degree of sleep independence and it is particularly well suited to larger people. It features sheep’s wool and Tussah silk. Thanks to the reinforced edges, the mattress does not lose its original shape over time.


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