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Oct 14, 2019

Get Organised With The Latest Grass Organising Systems

In a perfectly organised home, everything has its place. Things that are put away tidily can readily be found. With the latest Grass Organising Systems, you’ll find useful and stylish aids for organising the contents of your drawers and pull-outs.

Organisation is not limited to a single room. In each space where things are stored, you could implement a better storage system for convenient use. Think office supplies, bathroom utensils, food and cutlery – everything needs a home.

With the right drawer organisation, you’ll save time and effort finding those things when you need them most.

Tavinea Sorto:

Taninea Sorto is the new and compact interior accessory system for drawers by Grass.

Simple: Whether using one, two or three elements – with the new frame system it is possible to fit out drawers of any width quickly and easily.

Innovative: Spacer and anti-slip device in one – the innovative corner connection of the frames ensures firm attachment to the bottom panel and scratch-free positioning at the side walls and elements.

Can be combined: Together with the fun elements such as the knife block, the stepped spice rack and foil holder, Tavinea Sorto creates perfect organisation in the drawer.

Durable: The robust and scratch-resistant surface gives the steel frames a durable, attractive finish.

Grass Organising Systems are the perfect complement to your home. The systems are timeless and made of high quality materials, are extremely variable and offer a host of individual design options.

Create easy access in any room in your home with these innovative systems to help you tidy up and keep your life organised.

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