Fine Craftsmanship with Block and Chisel

From 17th Century France, to vibrant minimalism from the Far East; from manicured lawns of the English countryside to modern contemporary sentiment, we draw inspiration for living from far and wide. Taking the lead from the Head of Design, Sibley McAdam of Block and Chisel, this furniture store has been developing signature styles for the past 30 years. Combine this with the staff who are dedicated to excellence and you’ll see why the name Block and Chisel is akin to fine craftsmanship. 

From what was previously a collection of small boutique stores, Block & Chisel now has a Cape Town flagship store, a Johannesburg store in Illovo, and their long-standing original Wynberg Village store, and a 1500 sq.metre energy-efficient factory. Here you will find refined craftsmanship beginning with a simple passion for antique furniture and leading up to the rough hewn, handcrafted pieces produced today.

The below range by Sibley McAdam is a celebration of the traditional quality and craftsmanship of cabinet making. Inspired by classic lasting designs and techniques of the past Sibley has created innovative processes, such as the “antiquing” technique, which have been honed by the Block & Chisel team of artisans over the last two decades.

We love these timeless pieces that evoke a sense of English country style, with some modern additions to the collection such as a pink bookcase (3). This year also marks the start of Block & Chisel’s online store where you can now access their quality range and shop from the comfort of your home.

For more visit Block & Chisel.


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