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Sep 7, 2018

Find Your Personal Disconnection With the Re-vive Recliner from Bitalian

Disconnect with the outside world and reconnect with your inner self. Bitalian brings us Re-vive, the opportunity to pause and forget about everything else. A 100% Natuzzi experience like no other, Re-vive is the only recliner in the world that adjusts to the way you like to sit.

Curled up, stretched out, or upside down… finally, complete relaxation is possible with Re-vive, a recliner that will meet you in the position you prefer.

Your disconnection experience begins here. Leading edge, ergonomic technology
produces comfort that will enable you to disconnect from everything but yourself.

The features:
  1. Re-vive moves with you intuitively. No need to press a lever or any other external controls.
  2. Break free from gravity’s grip. Re-vive will rock you gently.
  3. Recline, stretch out or curl up. Re-vive is constructed to provide continuous back support.
  4. Choose any position you like. Re-vive responds to your body, rotating, tilting and reclining.
  5. Go ahead and relax. Re-vive’s dynamic arms move gently to follow you.
  6. Get your spin on. Re-vive spins 360° securely with the natural movement of your body.
  7. Kick back and make yourself comfortable. Re-vive’s padding adjusts to cushion
    and support your body.
  8. Close your eyes and drift off to sleep. Re-vive’s ottoman supports your feet, adapting to your every move.
  9. Sit however you like to sit. Re-vive will adjust to support the natural position of your body, with smooth, fluid movement.
5 Disconnection Designs to Choose From:

Customisation starts with design. The Design Centre offers five style options to fit any taste. More attractive, more modern, softer and sleeker. More the way you like it.

Size, materials and colour:

Choose the perfect size to maximise your comfort and let you disconnect from everything else but you. Disconnection also means your choice of covering and colours. Natuzzi Italian
leather is the ideal option, synonymous worldwide with exceptional quality. Choose from the superior-grade Natural or scuff and wear-proof Protecta leather. If fabric is your preference, no problem, they have options to suit every taste.

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