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Mar 8, 2019

Embrace A Retro Modern Look with SHF

With Autumn on the way, SHF have fallen in love with Retro-Modern furniture and carefully selected partnering pieces for a revved-up Retro-Modern look and feel.

Take a step back in time and immerse yourself in the nostalgia of a Retro look with a Modern take by mixing elements of past fashion trends, pop culture & graphic design.

Choose from the sleeker designs of the 50s when furniture received a breath of new life with modern materials of the day, such as chrome and Formica, or the whimsical style of the 60s with bright colours and psychedelic patterns. the larger & chunkier vibes of the 70s with all the dominating earthy tones of that time, or the geometrics of the 80s and mirrors or mirrored furnishings – any of these elements mixed with a modern twist will result in a refined & sophisticated space without feeling like you’ve been transported in a time capsule.


For 2019 we are so excited that Maximalism is on the increase – think organic shapes, fiercely bold colours and excess with a philosophy of “more is more”. Infuse your personality into your space with less concern about whether your furniture matches your wall colour or décor – incorporate elements and pieces that you love simply because you can!


SHF Head Quarters have been buzzing with the latest take on an age-old concept; it’s called Biophilia. Biophilia is a new design language which emphasises the connection between us as humans, and nature, and the relationship between the two. We are a technology driven society but remain soul-tied to past processes & crafted materials, and have an innate affinity towards going back to our roots to feel more in touch with the earth.

Our take on this is using gorgeous sustainable materials such as jute, banana leaf and bamboo which are essential grounding elements to achieve this balanced state we are all predisposed to craving, as well as creating an organic dialogue between space and form in the varying textures and shapes available.

Go to www.shf.co.za or visit an SHF gallery near you to experience and share in our exhilaration!

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