Dream In Colours With Maldini and Lago

For Casa Decor 2019, LAGO, Deslan Decoracion and Welcome Design overlapped the disciplines of interior and graphic design to breath life into the concept ‘Dream in Colours’. Here we share some of their latest products, now available locally through Maldini.

For its 54th edition, Casa Decor reinvented itself and confirmed its position as the most exclusive interior design fair in Europe.

The concept ‘Dream in Colours’, which developed out of the overlapping of the disciplines of interior and graphic design, provided an opportunity to play with the spaces and expand the traditional concept of the bedroom.

The whole space was influenced by the classical proportions dictated by LAGO furnishings, and the bedroom has become a more complete and complex room.

Classical proportions have been set free to expand to the ceiling, wallpaper and floor, shaping a colourful, dynamic fragmentation reinforced by fluorescent artistic installations that dialogue and integrate with the formal coordinates of LAGO design.

The LAGO 2019 collection was therefore a perfect fit for this space, where the team could present some of the brand’s most iconic products, including the Fluttua bed, Air shelving and the 36e8 system. In particular, the celebrated Fluttua bed, highlighted by the tones of the surrounding space and lighting details, became the axis around which the entire project developed.

Some of the latest LAGO products, now available locally through Maldini, include:

TAVOLO P&J // Design Daniele Lago

TAVOLO P&J // Design Daniele Lago

One fluid, textured form extended across just two supports: this is the distinguishing feature of the new P&J table designed by Daniele Lago. The ultra thin top features bullnose corners and connects seamlessly to the wooden legs on either end of the table, to create a fluid, harmonious piece. The woodwork technique used for the frame and the two almost intangible glass legs in the centre of the table ensure stability and provide increased resistance to knocks and impact.

XGlass Home Couture // Design Giovanni Bonotto

XGLASS HOME COUTURE // Design Giovanni Bonotto

Bonotto, an Italian textile manufacturer that collaborates with the best brands in world fashion, dresses Lago products thanks to XGlass Home Couture, a capsule collection that brings together design and high fashion. With XGlass, the elegance of the fabrics designed by Bonotto comes to life on the glass and gives new emotions to the furnishing.

U TABLE // Design Alessandro Corrò, Andrea Leoni, LAGOSTUDIO

XGLASS HOME COUTURE // Design Giovanni Bonotto

The bow is a timeless architectural invention which has been overturned to create the stand for this table. It serves to support an ultra lightweight, textured Wildwood top. This is the new U Table designed by Daniele Lago, who has dared to give a new contemporary look to a classical form. The base is made from metal and comes in a titanium or pewter colour finish. The top comes in three different sizes and is available in oak Wildwood, Haywood or Agewood, lacquered glass or XGlass.

For more visit Maldini – agents for LAGO in South Africa.


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