DDL: Trade Secrets to Choosing Furniture

Your home is your solace from the stresses of the outside world, and decorating it is a great way to bring out your creativity.

However, buying furniture for the sake of buying it could be an expensive mistake. Choosing furniture requires consideration of a number of both practical and aesthetic factors including style, colours, lights and function, among others.


The first step in making any decisions about the furniture that you buy, is deciding the style that best expresses your individual style. Whether you opt for Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, Nautical or Scandinavian, Bohemian, Farmhouse, Urban Modern or Shabby Chic, there is a style to suit any taste and trend.


The right colour can make your living space a haven of peace and beauty, while the wrong colour may totally ruin any effect you had in mind. Consider the following:

  •         The colour and texture of your walls
  •         The pattern and texture of the fabric
  •         Décor style


There are 2 types of lighting that influence the look of your home: Natural light: While sunny, airy rooms can afford darker, heavier furniture, while the same might be oppressive in a darker room. Artificial lighting: A room that’s bright by day but has inadequate lighting in the evening hours is better off with light furniture.


With hundreds of different types of wood on offer, it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing your furniture. Remember the following, before you make your decision:

  •         For smaller rooms, stick to lighter woods, such as maple, pine or birch to make it appear larger.
  •         For a more dramatic effect, use dark woods with subtle red undertones.
  •         Match the background colour of your room to your furniture, e.g. the warmth of honey-toned pinewood shows up well against a medium green.


The first question you should ask before buying any furniture is: “Do I really need this”. Consider each person in your home, and their different needs, then determine the following:

  •         Basic furniture for every room
  •         Your own personal taste
  •         Complementary furniture
  •         Size and dimensions
  •         The material and its quality


A lot of homeowners are choosing window blinds over curtains and draperies. They are easier to clean and maintain, unlike the curtains that you have to pull down, wash, iron and hang back. However, curtains do offer a more classical look.


Another important element in choosing your furniture is taking notice of the details. The little personal touches will make a big difference. Look at the pattern on your curtains, the fabric design, even the shade of Mahogany you chose for your dining room table. Details should not be obvious, but they should be right, and they should reflect your own personal taste.

Professional designers can help you choose striking, functional furniture and furnishings that suit your personal taste, as well as your unique settings and lifestyle. To discuss your special home décor requirements, and to have the furnishings of your dreams, why not contact the professionals from Design and Décor Lab.


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