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Mar 25, 2018

DDL: 3 Reasons You Should Choose a Custom-Made Corner Sofa

There’s the beautifully crafted coffee table, the carpet imported from Turkey, and the handmade throw that just oozes luxury with every detail. It all seems perfect, but… Just like most people decorating their living rooms, the sofa is most likely the thing you put the most focus on. Everything you choose centres on how well it will blend in with the sofa. The sofa is usually the largest piece of furniture and so its style sets the pace for the entire room. DDL shares a few reasons why you should always opt for a custom-made corner sofa!

  Elegant & Practical There are plenty of stylish sofas on the market and a corner sofa can be a real style statement. However, unlike other sofas that may be more style over substance, corner sofas tend to be practical, comfortable and stylish. Corner sofas are perfect for lying down and relaxing, and of course, if there is more than one of you needing a rest, they are simply great for sharing without compromising on comfort. Put This Baby in a Corner Yes, a corner sofa is a substantial piece of furniture, but when used correctly, they can actually make your room look bigger. And thanks to their unique shape, they fit perfectly within the corner of your living room, freeing up floor space. However, there is no hard and fast rule that says corner sofas have to be used in the corner of the room. In fact, they can easily be used in the middle of larger rooms to break up the space and create distinctive zones that are often lacking due to modern open-plan living.   Express Your Style Rounded corner sofas are very much on trend in 2018, and people love them due to their unique, yet practical elegance and style. Of course, nothing expresses your own unique style more than a custom-made corner sofa. Whatever your tastes or needs are, choosing a bespoke corner sofa means that even the tiniest spark of an idea can be turned into a lavish reality. On a more practical level, it also means that you can use a made-to-measure design to suit your own unique specifications. After all, nothing fits like a custom fit. Designed with comfort in mind, DDL’s luxury corner sofas are available in an extensive variety of fabrics, such as luxury velvets, chenille’s, brushed cotton, leathers and vinyl’s. From luxury French villas and classic country house designs to contemporary minimalist styles, DDL can design bespoke corner sofas tailored to your exact requirements and taste.   For more information visit DDL.

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