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Spotlight: Diva Cucine Brings Italian Furniture Home

Diva Cucine brings you elegance in a smart way, customising bespoke Italian styled furniture to your lifestyle.

Seafront, a creative concentrate of volumes and geometries:

Here you will find Italian design, for each room of the home, from the kitchen to the living room & from the bedroom to the office.

Diva Cucine comprises a family run business and partnership owned and managed by two brothers Craig and Laird Adam. Together their focus remains on nurturing and building long-term relationships with clients, architects and interior designers alike. “We would like to see each client want to come back for more ….”

With an innovative team of kitchen design specialists whose passion becomes evident with the main aim being to understand each and every customer’s needs. Each project is handled with enthusiasm and excitement – working with the prospect of delivering something spectacular for all clients.

Having partnered with a global company trading under the name of Colombini Group with Colombini Casa stores in America, North Africa, United Emirates and China amongst others, the first Colombini Casa store has been opened in partnership with DIVA CUCINE, the first of its kind in Southern Africa, and the first of its kind in Johannesburg under the banner of the Diva Group!

The Colombini Casa store boasts a showroom which offers a place where the consumer can live in an innovative home furnishing experience, according to the Italian way of life, offering a wide and diverse selection of products, ranging from kitchens, bedroom solutions, custom made children’s bedrooms, various office furniture solutions from entry level call centre options to boardroom options as well as elegant living areas for a both contemporary and totally co-ordinated look.

Contact: Diva Cucine

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