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SHF Home Introduces The Classic Sofa

The classic sofa is a staple in the living room. A place to curl up with a book, enjoy family time with your loved ones or watch your favourite TV series. With so many variations on the market today, you can choose from a range of shapes, sizes and colours to suit your personal taste. Here we share some of our favourite sofas from SHF and how this classic piece of furniture continues to set the latest trends today.

The classic sofa has been around for decades. Today, it remains a must-have item in the living room but does not have to be limited to this space only. In fact, sofas are ever-popular in stylish waiting areas, public lounge areas (think an airport lounge), restaurants  and even businesses that are now incorporating these beauties to accommodate their employees in rest areas and work-play lounge spaces in the office.

There is simply no denying it. The sofa has come a long way and yet it remains that one sought-after piece of furniture we cannot seem to live without.

If you’re looking for a classic sofa to complement a modern aesthetic and still offer maximum comfort in your home,  SHF Home has you covered. Here are some of our favourites from SHF Home now on offer:

If you have a look at all the options available to us, choosing the right sofa may not be as straight-forward as we’d hoped. With so many designs and shapes on the market, you really need to consider your options before making this worthwhile investment.

Start by measuring your space and decide on the ideal configuration to suit the area. Corner sofas are great if you’re hoping to make full use of your space and offer ample seating for guests or family members. However, the classic sofa – in a two or three seater variation – is often the popular choice. These can easily be paired with other sofa variations and can also be moved around your living space to maximise the available space.

Whatever your choice, the sofa is still one of our favourite pieces of furniture of all times!

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