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Poliform: Timeless and Contemporary

Great design will often transcend time and fashion with contemporary homes that aim to be both timeless and modern in terms of its layout, functionality and style. With this spirit, Poliform has operated since its conception over 70 years ago.

With the evolution of materials and the original combinations of shapes, colours, finishes and details, Poliform has achieved an accomplished expression of modern design which lies in its roots as a company of great tradition that continues to push the limitations of design. Over the years, Poliform has refined their furniture offerings to suit many tastes and styles. Today they boast a celebrated range of internationally renowned furniture that is authentically Italian with global appeal.

With a play on different materials, colours and textures, Poliform continues to inspire with furniture that is appealing and sophisticated – for every area of your home. “The play of volumes and surfaces, the dialogue that naturally develops among the different woods, fabrics and leathers: everything converges to define a bright, contemporary interior panorama.” From the living room, bedroom, dining and even wardrobe spaces, Poliform breathes new life into every area of the home, and each room becomes more than an empty shell. With their exclusive furniture offerings, owners are encouraged to live life to the full in a celebration of fine furniture and life in abundance.

Their description of the bedroom: “The space dedicated to rest, to passion, but above all else a place of endless possibilities. A laboratory where plans for the new day are made, a nocturnal living room of evening dreams for tomorrow’s reality.” For a classic yet contemporary range that is fresh, modern and timeless – Poliform is the way to go. Contact: Poliform

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