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Laser Edge: Journey into Acryluso

In 2013, the ACRYLUSO brand of luxury acrylic handcrafted products was launched as part of the Laser Edge family. The name ‘Acryluso’ seemed fitting as the words Acrylic (the raw material used), and “luso” meaning luxury in Italian, came together to personify this exciting range of “Timeless Luxury” masterpieces.

As part of the national and international strategy, Laser Edge acquired the manufacturing division of their biggest local competitor “Magma Acrylics”. As part of this acquisition, they inherited all their artisans and staff members giving Laser Edge Designs the most skilled and experienced high-end acrylic fabrication facility on the African continent. Their combined product range is made up of furniture, homeware, tanks, pool panels and aquariums as well as many other custom projects they are constantly involved in. “We strive to continuously grow our brand both in the South African and worldwide furniture markets by evolving, improving and continuously developing products which conform to and push the boundaries of local and international design trends.” The range is designed inhouse and comprises a variety of chairs, tables and objets d’art. The home styling products include trays, display units and so much more! They work with designers, space planners, decorators and architects worldwide to develop and create bespoke products to suit any space. Contact: Acryluso

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