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Kare: Bold, Luxurious Living Room Designs

We can learn a lot about high-end design from the luxe interiors of modern hotels and statement retails spaces. Walk through the grand entrance of a contemporary five-star hotel and you may be mesmerised by the glamorous finishes and elegant details that make these spaces pop. Add glamour and luxury to your own living room with key furniture items and glam accessories and achieve a bold, elegant look in your own space.

Kare is always on trend – bringing us the best in modern, unique and playful furniture finds and statement pieces for luxe living at home. Here we showcase some of our favourite items now on sale, and we share a few tips to help you create a bold, luxurious living room for yourself…

How to add luxury to your living room…

  • Invest in plush upholstered furniture for added comfort and elegance. A bold occassional chair in a beautiful textured fabric will bring depth and luxury to your space.
  • Change out your lighting. Invest in interesting light fixtures that add sophisticated illumination to set the ambience in a luxurious living room.
  • Choose glam accessories and artwork. Personalise your space with hints of glamorous elements including a mix of materials such as metals, wood, fabric and glass.
  • Opt for statement furniture in bold finishes or colours. A striking console or coffee table can certainly elevate your space.
  • Choose quality. Save up and purchase the best quality furniture and finishes you can afford. Nothing beats quality items that are timeless and ooze elegant appeal.

Find statement pieces for every room in your home, now available from Kare. The brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic.

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