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Chair Crazy: Inspiring Design Concepts for the New Year

Contemporary design is a concept that is constantly adapting to reflect the popular styles of present-day design. Rather than adhering to one trend or era, it appropriates qualities from industrialism, modernism, minimalism, and many other global styles, without hyper-focusing on any one in particular. This encompasses the use of materials, colours, shape, texture, proportion and all the other elements of design.

With the start of a new year, why not change your space by adding some new design flavour to your home or business. Here are some of our favourite design concepts to inspire and delight you.


Just because it originally came from stark, severe warehouses and has a history of form over function, doesn’t mean the industrial look has to leave you feeling cold. Some of the best aspects of the industrial look are also the warmest. Try some gunmetal, worn-down or reclaimed finishes in the form of chairs and tables. The popular Replica Tolix Chair from Chair Crazy is a popular restaurant chair, and ideal for an industrial space. The Replica Detroit Adjustable Stool is as industrial as it gets – available at Chair Crazy in a number of material combinations and finishes. This Replica Tolix Armchair in a bright red can lend a striking, decadent touch to your space.


Nobody’s yet agreed on a great, catchy name for this trend yet so we’ll do the best we can and call it ‘glam deco’. It’s all about copper and gold. This is one trend that’s sweeping the world of restaurant and bar design and popping up in homes too, where we think it looks positively cocoon-like and soothing (especially teamed with the mood for dark black or navy walls). One of the joys of this look is that, though it was made for the living room, you can also work it into your hallway to make it an inviting space in its own right with just a few mirrors and a floor lamp or two. What are you waiting for?


Scandi style is rooted in minimalism, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel austere. Make it rich by focusing on the texture rather than the colour or pattern. Stick to pale wood furniture and enrich it with fluffy cushions, chunky throws and rugs. A soft, deep-backed sofa can also help create a focal point for your den or lounge, and for maximum chill why not pick a wingback or loveseat-style design in the signature Scandi tones of pale grey or petrol blue? Creating a cozy space isn’t just about the obvious comfort and texture though. A sense of intimacy, closeness and ease can also come through in the layout too. In fact, while a large room may seem like a great idea in practice it can actually be difficult to navigate and often feels overwhelming.

That’s where ‘zoning’ up rooms into different areas can work perfectly. Use large, ‘anchoring’ pieces such as sofas to break up the room – try two different sofas facing each other to create a lounge area, accessorised with armchairs or rocking chairs to fill out the space, and reinforce the boundaries with a floor lamp. Even in the smallest kitchen you can create a sense of intimacy by setting up a small corner or bistro table then adding a couple of stools around it. If space is even more limited, add some upholstered stools to your breakfast bar or even the kitchen counter (you can find stackable versions too!). In the bedroom, ‘zone’ out the area by creating an office or reading nook under your window with a few cushions and a bench, or for even less effort add a rocking chair to the corner of a room with a side table and a floor lamp for a charming zone for chilling out. Source: Chair Crazy

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