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Chair Crazy: Your Guide To Selecting The Right Bar Stools

Whether you’re looking for the right bar stools for a breakfast bar or your entertainment area, modern trends ensure that there are so many options to choose from. Different looks, shapes, sizes and finishes are now available to suit a variety of design schemes. Here we share a few considerations to help you select the ideal bar stools, with help from Chair Crazy.

Size matters

There is nothing worse than a bar stool that is too high or too low for the counter. How can you tell if your bar stool is the wrong height? When seated, you suddenly feel uncomfortable and if trying to eat or work on your counter, you immediately notice that you’re just not at the right height. Bar stools like this will certainly make the space feel and look disproportionate. As such, size does matter.

Adjustable height stools are often a great way to go – which you can easily adjust to suit different counter heights and make the most of a variety of settings. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to measure up. Measure the height from the floor to the top of your table, counter or bar top before investing in the right bar stool. As a guide, the right measurement for a bar stool should be around 20cm to 30cm below the height of the counter top.

Back or No Back?

When it comes to comfort and style there are a variety of options to choose from. In finding the perfect bar stool, consider the finishes and whether or not you prefer a stool with a backrest for added support. A simple backless bar stool may offer a more modern and sleek appearance, but a backrest is typically a more comfy seating solution. Here, you should consider both the overall aesthetic and level of comfort you wish to create in your space.


Chair Crazy boasts a wide selection of finishes to help you find the perfect stools for your home. Upholstered options are great for added comfort and texture in your space – particularly in a luxe dining area or bar.

Wood and metal are also common materials in modern bar stools today. Wooden frames are beautiful and hard-wearing, but metallic finishes can add a refreshing and contemporary look to your home, so choose wisely.

Find a wide selection of stools now available from Chair Crazy.


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