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Oct 13, 2017

Change Your Space This Season with Chair Crazy

As the earth tilts closer to the sun, and Spring takes root in our beautiful country, use this opportunity to enhance your home by infusing it with some fresh, new colours, textures and accents.

There are some stress-free, cost-effective ways to achieve this without having to change your overall style, or spending too much of your hard-earned cash. Here are a few great tips for the seasons ahead:

Colour Your Kitchen

Why not invest in some new kitchen stools that are sure to infuse the ‘heart of your home’ with some zesty freshness? Here we showcase some distinctive, stylish, and colourful seating solutions to consider – all currently available at Chair Crazy. If bright colours aren’t your thing, or don’t fit in with your current design disposition, we also have a number of trendy styles in neutral tones, which will serve to lighten up and modernize your interior at a fraction of the price of refashioning the whole space. Here are a few more tips and tricks that are as economical as they are simple. Give your home a makeover that expresses both your style and the feeling of renewal that Spring conveys. Remember, by investing in accessories such as fun, interesting or trendy chairs and accessories, you are not obliged to make any major style commitments. Aside from sparing you a potential divorce, it also leaves you free to CHANGE YOUR SPACE again when you feel the need to refresh.

The Scatterings of Africa

If you’re at a loss as to how to even start, think about switching out your existing accessories and soft furnishings, or perhaps invest in some new scatter cushions and throws.

Here’s a helpful suggestion: think of decorative pillows and blankets as makeup for your living area or bedroom. They can set the tone for an entire space and bring cohesion to its overall look and feel. With the incredible diversity in approaches to interior design trends in South Africa, there are plenty of different colours and styles to choose from, thus supporting local designers and manufacturers, whilst keeping your budget and sensibilities in mind. This Little Market is an online platform showcasing handpicked products designed and manufactured by South African designers, artists or small businesses. The same approach can be taken in your bedroom and those of your children. Simply swapping your duvet cover, adding a fresh set of summer sheets, and incorporating a decorative element or two is enough to lend some regeneration to your bedroom. Get your kids involved. It’s a perfect way to get them in on the idea of a good old fashioned SPRING CLEAN, to get rid of unwanted clutter, and to spruce up their space.

You never know, this could encourage them to be tidier! A clever idea is to invest in a reversible duvet cover for a regular routine of renewal! Naturally, should you be in the position to change other soft furnishings such as curtains and rugs, you can do a lot more to CHANGE YOUR SPACE, and play with trending designs and stylistic elements that you find fresh and appealing. You may want to paint an exciting accent wall, hang new art or photographs, even replace old galleries with more eccentric artistic pieces. Whatever your inclination may be – use this change of season to make a positive and stylish impact in your home. Have Fun! For loads more stylish, cheery concepts, check out Chair Crazy or follow them on Instagram:  @chair_crazy.

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