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Mar 12, 2019

Chair Crazy: Trendy To The Max

According to trend spotters, some of the many and varied fashions emerging this year involve the use of bold statements such as geometric shapes and splashes of bright colours. These daring feats can be utilised using paint or wallpaper, or, if you aren’t one to commit to such audacious statements, with soft furnishings like throw pillows.

Statement rugs and quilts are now moving from the floor to the wall, with quality fabrics and enchanting designs taking their righteous place in a visually captivating space. Dare to draw the room together with a vintage handmade rug, art quilt, or macramé wall décor.

Why is interior design becoming so daring, so bold? Perhaps we have had enough of the cool limitations that come with the last decade’s heavily trending minimalism design style. Perhaps it is a rejection to the challenging plainness it brings to a home, and an open-hearted acceptance of the warmer, more exuberant furnishings and accessories that have been popular of late. It was only a matter of time before we saw a major shift in the opposite direction?

The key to getting this warm maximalism style right is to curate your space with a conscious, visual consistency so that your efforts don’t appear heavy-handed or over stimulating. The rule of thumb is to stick to no more than three contrasting colours, patterns, and finishes so that it doesn’t feel over done and dated too soon.

Of course, there are still several minimalist styles that are being utilised by home owners and designers a like. We will take a brief look at both Mindful Minimalism and Japandi Styling as part of Denorex’s revitalising trends to look out for.

Our favourite trending style escapade has got to be what is called the “broken-plan-layout”.

Much like the concept of open plan, broken–plan living is about the intelligent use of a space. Distinct zones are created using diverse floor finishes, split–levels and semi-permanent partitions, such as bookcases and screens. These subtle divides give a sense of separation, but also retain a wonderfully spacious feel, meaning people can be alone together. This would generally involve knocking some interior walls down, not always a simple undertaking, but imagine the light you could let in and the sociable areas you could construct.

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