Chair Crazy: A Marriage of Styles

It’s one thing finding love, quite another keeping love, and an even taller order to tailor–make your collective life into one that is consistently harmonious – one that features a blend of both of your quirks, ideals and sensibilities. Not only is this true about your love life in general, but also the physical space you create for yourselves. It might start with a toothbrush lovingly left in your bathroom or some shared drawer space, but eventually leads to an amalgamation of two lives that need to be acknowledged stylistically.

In this day and age, it is common that both sides of a couple have lived in, and styled their own home before embarking on a shared life. Not everybody can afford to restyle a whole space if that is what is needed, and often what one is left with, is a rather ungainly range of furniture, art, lighting and “stuff” that gets shifted around (or right out the door) until the space is pleasing to both parties.

Don’t be afraid or overwhelmed! It is unlikely that you need two dining room tables, for example, so don’t shy away from getting rid of one or both and starting over with something that suits both of your tastes. Be open about which items contain sentimental value and communicate what’s most essential to you, such as having a serene workspace or a stimulating place to entertain.

It is not often one finds a couple who have exactly the same taste in or proclivity for style. One person might find themselves a lot more conscious of a space and how it affects them physically, mentally and emotionally. Another may have the necessary skills or spatial reasoning to achieve this desired, harmonious surrounding. One may not care at all. Either way it is important to compromise, communicate and create something that is a reflection of both of you.

A typically masculine palette may favour a minimalist, uncluttered approach, while the feminine, a fan of frills or at least something warm and comforting. This fundamental difference does not have to be a deal breaker. With the amazing array of soft furnishings, lighting designs and inspiring decorative pieces, not to mention the vast array of interior design ideas made available to the general public, a space can easily be transformed without a) having to break the bank, and b) causing major friction because the “room is too bare”, “the couch too hard”, “the art to monochrome” etc.

Chair Crazy offers an insane amount of chairs to cater for all kinds of tastes. They offer chairs, barstools, tables and desks of all shapes, sizes and colours -from conservative and classic, to outrageous statement pieces, which can be the difference between a house and a home.

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