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Jul 9, 2018

Chair Crazy: Iconic Designs To Transform Your Living Space

A single chair expresses a lot in one small package: engineering, practicality, materiality, and, of course, imagination. It can be said that a successful chair, one that stands the test of time, represents more than just the marriage of form and function – it rises to the level of art.

In fact, with a few exceptions, it is mostly architects that have designed the most lasting and iconic chairs of the era, so maybe chairs are more like tiny structures – requiring exactly the right balance of ingenuity and pragmatic restraint – which could be why creating them appeals to some of these great designers.

Here we will take a brief look at some of the most influential chair designers whose works reflect longevity and are as fashionable and valuable now as they were at the time of their inventions.

Charles and Ray Eames
One cannot discuss chair design without starting with the works of this seminal power couple. Charles and Ray Eames presided over the over the furniture design scheme in America from the early 1950s until well into the 70s. They are perhaps most well known for their Eames Lounge and Ottoman that was first released in 1956. The result was a blissful embrace of leather and wood.

There are many other stylish and recognisable chairs that emerged during this iconic era by this dynamic duo – too many to mention in fact – but here are some of our favourites available at Chair Crazy in various hues and materials.

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