Chair Crazy: Festive Alfresco Settings For Your Home

Alfresco settings can be simple but beautiful, with the natural light and your garden greenery adding to the festive feels. Candles and solar-powered fairy lights can add a simple, twinkly celebratory mood to any space. Chair Crazy gives us some trendy festive alfresco ideas for the season ahead.

This year, we assume, due to Plascon’s popular suggestions, the fashionable holiday seasonal colours are varying within the range of purple, blue and grey – a nice change from the red and green that is so prolific with anything to do with Christmas, not only because of cultural inclusiveness but also because, yawn!

This is perfect for a South African palette as these are cool colours which are the perfect contrast to the hot weather. These colours in combination appear quite naturally in the ocean and sky and so continue the trend of incorporating a sense of the outside world within your home and general consciousness.

We love the non-traditional look. Get creative and decorate your own personalised alfresco festive setting this Christmas. Bring an air of festivity to your outdoor spaces with beautiful seasonal decor in the season’s trending colours and add quality furniture to create a comfortable and functional space for alfresco entertaining!

Chair Crazy brings us all the latest trends with outdoor seating solutions to suit the season. Be sure to invest in quality seating to elevate your alfresco settings this festive season. From indoor and outdoor chairs in a variety of shapes, styles and colours, you can certainly bring a touch of class home this festive season.

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