Casarredo: Valcucine Innovation For Life

Valcucine transforms cooking into an extraordinary experience through the constant innovation of forms and materials.

A deep knowledge of the people’s requirements, ongoing research and creativity: these are the tools Valcucine uses to improve its designs and move towards the creation of an ever better kitchen.

This attitude allows Valcucine to transform spaces and the way they are used by adopting unique functionalities, innovative materials and multi-functional elements designed to make life easier. Using the most stringent tests Valcucine develop today’s ideas so that they can become tomorrow’s solutions.

Valcucine designs timeless kitchens that are impervious to trends and made to last generations.

Layouts with defined aesthetic lines that synthesise ongoing research, experience and timeless sophistication. Kitchens that offer reliability and durability backed by a 10-year guarantee. A philosophy that goes beyond the fickleness of time and fashion, reminding one of what is essential and indispensable. These are the tangible core values of Valcucine design.

Valcucine put people and their well-being at the centre of what they do; stimulating their senses to bring about joy in everyday activities.


Valcucine design kitchens that contribute to the daily comfort of the consumer and their freedom of movement; functional kitchens that meet the requirements and needs of those who use them. Kitchens with textured materials that are free of toxic elements that are harmful for the user and for the environment. Dynamic kitchens that adapt to the requirements of the user’s needs and are easy-to-use.


Shop the Valcucine range now at Casarredo.


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