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Sep 6, 2018

Casarredo: The Beauty of Icaro

Casarredo brings us a world of Italian design and exclusive international furniture now at our fingertips. The beauty of their offerings can be seen in the exquisite details, customisation options of their furniture offerings and the extraordinary variety of compositions available.

Here we take a closer look at one such offering that continues to make waves in the world of Italian furniture design. Icaro by Cantori is in a level of its own – combining the beauty of each detail with unique customisation and ensuring that Icaro is a wonderful addition to any luxury living room!

All in the details with Icaro by Cantori

Icaro is a 3 or 4-door wooden sideboard with striking steel frame and feet and handles created with a shaped steel rod. A crystal glass top ensures an ultra-luxe feel. With a matt lacquered interior that can be customized in the colours of your choice, you can create a personalised piece. There are three available decorations for the front: wisteria, vintage gold leaf and storm. The vintage gold leaf decoration is created by hand, applying one entire piece of gold leaf on a dark bronze coat. Although it may seem randomly applied, the decoration is in truth very accurate; the gold leaf is a thin layer laid very gently and with great aesthetic sensitivity, to give the right light between one layer and the next.

In the “wisteria” decoration. liquid chalk is carefully poured on the light coat. Next, wisteria flowers and branches are painted by hand on the mother-of-pearl base coat, following the pattern previously created.

Chalk, acrylic paint and spatula are the elements of the “storm” decoration: combined together they create an impressive three-dimensional effect.

For more, visit Casarredo and explore the world of exclusive Italian furniture and international design now available locally in South Africa.

Check them out online at Casarredo.


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