Casarredo: A Look At Salone del Mobile Trends for 2018

Missed the Salone del Mobile this year? Not to fret! Tracey-Lee, Project Manager at Casarredo has filled us in on all you need to know about the latest furniture trends presented by the biggest Italian designer furniture brands.

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If you are a design lover, then the annual Milan extravaganza is a slice of Design Heaven! Salone del Mobile Milano brings with it the very best in trends the industry has to offer and 2018 was no different. Experiencing the grandest of celebrations in home décor and inspiration at its best.

Now is time to reflect back on this mega-carnival filled with creativity, colours and as always cutting-edge design.

The 5 trends going NO-WHERE:

Green Goodness: Indoor Plants


There is an amazing return of using plants to create natural warmth and freshness into urban interiors and decor. Adding indoor plants to a space is an inexpensive and easy makeover idea that is also currently ‘very cool’.

Of course, finding inventive new ways to display this green trend elevates the charm of this eco-friendly addition even further. Be it, a living wall or even a wall of green that acts as a room divider, being green has never been more on point than now!

Magnetic Metallics!


Warm metals like copper are set to rule the trends charts once again in 2018. This hot metallic has been pretty popular for a while now, and judging by the looks of the “Décor Runway” …Copper is here to stay! With the use of this colour in innovative ways it has made this metal part of the modern-day glitz we have gracing the leader board of metals!

Millennial Pink

Millennial pink hits the décor scene and (It’s Amazing) Copper and bronze are the two metallics that have always worked with soft, feminine colours – and millennial pink is no different. In saying that, don’t be fooled with thinking Ms. Pink is a one trick pony.

Millennial pink works well against a masculine backdrop like a concrete finish, and even more delicious with an opposing bold colour like ruby red.

Marble Magic


Marble is the gift that keeps on giving. Many of the design houses in Milan this year used this trend in numerous ways from full slabs in bathrooms, to the exotic agate in furniture pieces, from marble print wallpaper to Eco- friendly ceramic tops in kitchens.

Marble, in my opinion, will last a lifetime if used sparingly. No ‘Circa’ required for this one!

Prints, Prints, Prints


The tropical trend still going strong, this is a continuation from last year, with the banana leaf playing hero alongside Jaguar prints as well as embossed leathers. This trend however has evolved for 2018, into something quite spectacular and glamourous. When mixing your prints keep the basics chic, a classic black and white kind of chic with your acid colour accent.

The theme that stood out for me this year was the rule book had no place left in design! And I welcome it with open arms.

By Tracey-Lee, Casarredo.


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