Casarredo introduces new Bubbles and Drops from Fuoriluogo Design Milano

“The craftsman becomes designer and the designer enhances the craftsman who together create beautiful scenery for your environment through unique art creations.”

Casarredo, home to luxe Italian furniture and home decor products has recently introduced the Bubbles & Drops collection from Fuoriluogo.

Fuoriluogo creates handmade scenes of beauty in any environment through the use of “poor” materials such as raw iron, resin, plastic, cement-based compounds to name a few) in order to create objects of unique art. The skilful combination of the use of light, shadows and reflections of a space and its architecture are combined with the rediscovery of touch “craft” which is the added value.

Chandeliers become sculptures that fill the eyes, the walls are covered with a metallic luster that reflect lights and mirrors and lead us into a dream world. The taste for the timeless beauty is complementary to modernity. The raw materials become the alchemy of personality and style. The environments are full of lights and shapes that make Fuoriluogo a distinctive brand and unique art made in Italy. Metallized decorative elements in plastic material with or without edge.Stones are in plastic material matte finish.

Product Details:


Size: Ø 20 cm Ø 30 cm Ø 50 cm

Colour: silver, gold, bronze, copper (other colours on demand)

Drops Size: 27×39 cm 29×42 cm 24×35 cm 28×40 cm 42×58 cm

Colour: silver (other colours on demand)

Add a bit of contemporary splendor to your home with these interesting and versatile decorative elements.

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