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Gallotti & Radice was the first company in Italy, right from the early seventies, to promote their love of glass within furniture arrangements. Today their work is celebrated around the globe and they carry the tradition and craftsmanship of Italy to the rest of the world.

Over the years, many people and companies followed suit in the creation of glass furniture items. However, Gallotti & Radice remain true to the authentic craft. This fact, presently and only naturally provides an advantage, but at the same time, also signifies a sense of responsibility in light of culture and specifically, design.

Gallotti & Radice presently assumes the task and role of keeping alive the development of “genuine” glass designs. Glass, which is simultaneously extremely fragile and strong, transparent and unchangeable, light and enduring, must be tackled, by those designing architectural arrangements, with sincere respect and careful handling, with authentic poetry (which is true creativity as the Greek etymon confirms) and with intense discipline, with patience, reverence, tenacity. With love.


Authentic Workmanship:

Glass and associated workmanship is something mesmerising to behold. The term glass became commonly used to indicate extremely high quality glass panels, with flat surfaces which are perfectly spectacular. The “float” process is used: the fused glass is drained from the oven into a watertight float. The glass floats on the liquid surface and levels out until it becomes a strip with parallel aspects.

Gallotti & Radice, with its vast experience working with glass, adopts various techniques and technologies when producing semi-finished goods which are subsequently used to achieve the end products. Two different production lines, one highly industrialised and one focusing on hand-craftsmanship associated with traditions, characterise the Gallotti & Radice work cycles. On one hand, production achieved using high-level technologies and sophisticated automated mechanisms (water jet cutter, industrial grinder, sheet tempering, cleaning and translucency procedures) enable the achievement of modular and multiple components, square and simple shape sheets for serial and standard products.

Keeping the tradition alive with protocols and a handcrafted feel in order to offer a customised service, the company provides sought after forms and exclusive solutions, relying on the experience amassed throughout the years. Here expert hands work the glass with care and knowledge transforming it into a design product.


Made in Italy, Gallotti & Radice designs, creates, transforms and produces solely and fully in Italy. The end products demonstrate excellence, quality of details, finishes and forms. They are constantly growing with a well-defined objective: to produce objects designed to withstand time.

Glass, aluminium and steel, represent the main materials which characterise Gallotti & Radice production (100% recyclable materials). One of the most important advantages of glass in terms of sustainability is, quite different from other materials, it can be fully recycled.  The collection, separation and transportation may influence the feasibility and environmental impact of the glass recycling. The levels of contamination determine whether the glass will be used to produce floats, containers, fibreglass or aggregates, an aspect to which Gallotti & Radice pays lots of attention.


Find the latest Gallotti & Radice products available locally through Casarredo.


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