Casarredo: The benefits of an area rug

There are several reasons why you would want to invest in a quality area rug for your home or office. Besides being visually appealing, rugs are also multi-functional. We love the newest range of quality rugs by Casarredo. Manufactured in 100 knot Tibetan weave quality these rugs boast 100 knots per sq.inch using superior NZ semi-worsted wool.

Here’s some of the many benefits to an area rug:

Noise Reduction

Often used on hard surface floors such as wood, tile or laminate flooring, rugs are great to reduce noise in a space. Hard surface floors do not absorb sound – but thankfully, carpets and area rugs do. Say goodbye to unwanted interior echoes in your home and heavy walking – add a rug and enjoy the tranquillity that this will most certainly add to your space.


Rugs add a touch of cosiness and comfort to an interior. Soft to the touch, you may just want to kick off your shoes and enjoy the soft textured feel of quality textiles under your feet.


Carpets and rugs often help to add warmth in the home. Unlike hard surface flooring, rugs are soft and warmer than tiles, wood or laminates. With a greater insulating value, rugs may help to keep your toes warmer for longer.

Anchors furniture

Rugs often help to anchor furniture in a room. They also have the ability to tie a room together in terms of design elements. Rugs are often chosen as stylistic design elements to do just that, especially in bigger living rooms or bedrooms where furniture needs to feel more grounded in the room.

Striking designs

Select a stunning design to complement the interior of your living spaces. Here’s what’s in store at Casarredo this season:  

Choose a rug that you know will work in the space you have in mind. Keep in mind the many benefits these have to offer and choose something aesthetically pleasing. We love the vibrancy of the newest Casarredo rug collection which includes stunning designs such as Sketch, Shimmer, Parched and more contemporary finds to add a wow factor in your chosen interior. We love the artistic elements and natural influences that are showcased in this new collection.

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