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Bring Bohemian Flair to your bedroom with Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage Spaces has introduced gorgeous, hand-made furniture from the East into South African homes. Update your bedroom with their selection of intricately carved headboards and panel screens for a touch of bohemian flair to your space.

A choice decor accent can completely transform your space without a complete renovation. If you love unique works of art that have great functional value, look no further. Pilgrimage Livingspaces sources hand-made furniture and decorative accessories from Indonesia and India where the age-old traditional of wood carving and cultural expression meet in these gorgeously detailed pieces.

We love these original panels that will work beautifully against a colour contrasting feature wall in your bedroom. Use as a piece of art or a bohomeian-chic headboard to match your patterned and printed linens. The beautifully neutral white adds texture and depth as well as with a ‘go-with-everything’ style to your space.  Each piece has slight variations which adds to it’s character and ensures that your favourite will be 100% unique.

The panels (2- 4) celebrate the Lotus flower; an important cultural symbol of fertility, prosperity and spiritual wealth. Delicately carved layers have transformed a simple piece of wood into a lush tapestry of meaningful design. The Ubud panel (4) and Kembang panel (3) are sized according to your bed or the space you have available in your room. We love the Ubud curved panel (2) for its interesting shape that would work beautifully as a wall fixture above a sofa in the living room. The Indian Jali panel screen (1) is also a favourite for its function as a room divider, particularly in a small bedroom or space.

1 .Indian Jali 4 panel screen 2. Ubud Curved Round Panel 3. Kembang Carved King Size 4. Ubud Carved Queen Size

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Images by Ian Vermeulen

About the photographer

Ian Vermeulen was the perfect choice of photographer when it came to someone who understands the value of detail. Having honed his skills as a designer in marketing and art directing for television stills, Ian is able to find the beauty in the the ordinary and translate this visually with accuracy and detail. A keen eye and profound passion is evident in his work for Pilgrimage. Visit him at for samples of his incredible portfolio

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