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Jul 24, 2018

BItalian: The Glamour of Kohro

Stockists of the top Italian brands in furniture and home accessories, BItalian brings us Kohro – a range of solid colours, prints and jacquard fabrics in an extensive choice of weights, textures, fibres and patterns to help you coordinate the different aspects of interior decorating and create the ideal home.

KOHRO fabrics are rich in inspiration and able to transmit it. The stylistic character of the collection is the sensitivity that captures the most original correspondences between Nature and Culture, the desire to elaborate with finesse the cues that come from the natural world, from the most advanced art and technology. Even the historical archive of the group – over 26,000 drawings – is an incomparable resource of creativity and textile culture from which to start.

BItalian now offer the luxury KOHRO range of bed linen locally in South Africa and you can receive 20% discount on available stock for the month of August! Don’t miss out on the chance to bring the beauty of KOHRO home!

In the KOHRO style office, the team of eight creative, tenacious researchers of the beautiful and expert connoisseurs of the textile world, works in concert with textile engineers, managers, agents and customers from all over the world. Hence the KOHRO ability to create effective, elegant and never banal solutions for interior design projects.

KOHRO combines design, craftsmanship, technology and service of the highest level. Deeply rooted in a historic textile industrial district, the KOHRO collection is backed by the profound manufacturing experience gained over more than sixty years by the Group to which it belongs and is nourished by the rich Italian cultural heritage. The control of an excellent textile supply chain is an important competitive advantage.

The control of an excellent supply chain, from spinning to weaving, ennobling of the fabric, printing, up to the packaged product, gives KOHRO the competitive edge. Highly computerized and efficient production and logistics systems enhance the verticalization of the production process, with tangible benefits in terms of quality and timing.

For more about this range and the local offerings now available in South Africa, visit BItalian, where you can also receive up to 20% off available KOHRO stock and their exclusive bed linen ranges for the month of August!

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