Architectural Understanding meets Talent in Frank Bohm’s Brand New Studio

The Frank Böhm Studio platform is an established furniture and architectural studio that  focuses on the design as much as the making and manufacturing. It represents a clear conceptual and artistic understanding that is then transformed into reality and allows the Studio to showcase itself across multiple industries.

Frank Böhm’s mission is to design and manufacture unique objects that are made with scrupulous attention to detail and meticulous precision with defined environmental awareness parameters to each piece. Powerful architectural forms, seemingly simple by nature with sustainable consciousness are at the core belief of the studio.

Now a series of sculptures made of mixed media are revealed by Frank Böhm. From buildings to furniture to sculptures; these are all one common creative thread that visually defy the sense of scale, size and weight. The art of thought and making is an infinite gift that represents Frank Böhm Studio.

As indicated previously Frank Böhm bespoke furniture range is now expanding by teaming up with the new Paul Alexander Collective based in the well positioned ‘Kramerville Design District’ in Johannesburg, South Africa. Apart of the furniture range on display in the bespoke gallery, a new selection of sculptures were added to the creative depth.

Dance of The Black Storm (left) and Everlast (right)

We love the abstract and bold lines of these pieces that incorporate elements of modern art rooted in African culture and nature.

Visit the Frank Bohm website on to view these gorgeous collections.

Contact: Paul Alexander



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