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Aug 4, 2017

3 ways to Tell whether your Wood is for Life

Wood furniture is arguably the best investment you can make when it comes to your interior decor. We’ve compiled a simple 3-point checklist which will help you judge the quality of your wooden furniture.

As it’s name suggests, Wood for Life is a South African-born timber company who specialise in the manufacturing and supply of solid wood products. This professional and motivated team create stunning pieces of solid wood furniture from carefully sourced and sustainable plants both locally and internationally.

From wooden flooring, to kitchen worktops and a large variety of other furniture and decor accessories, there really is nothing Wood for Life cannot create at their engineer-orientated craft workshop.

We put their products to the test when determining whether their wood furniture is of superior quality. You should do the same by taking note of the wood sourceconstruction and finish of the final product.

The type of wood

The first quality and durability checkpoint is the type of wood used in the manufacture of furniture. There are 3 types of wood available: hard, soft and engineered

Hard Wood: Sourced from deciduous trees such as maple, oak and walnut. Much more dense and durable.

Soft Wood: Made from conifers like pine. Also long-lasting but less dense.

Engineered Wood: This wood is man-made by composing different strands and fibres of wood with veneers or boards. Not as highly regarded as solid wood.

Wood for Life do not engineer their wood but use hard and soft wood that are known to be durable, attractive and stable. Moreover, every care is taken to ensure that their wood comes from ethical sources.

It’s all in the joints

The quality of manufactured wood products depends on the way in which it is constructed. The joinery of a furniture piece is indicative of strength and sturdiness. The way in which a furniture piece is put together reveals much about the attention-to-detail of the craftsman. Dovetail, mortise and tendon joints are things to look out for as reinforcement of your furniture is what ensures that it lasts for life.

The finished product

A well-sanded and elegantly finished off piece of furniture is a sure sign that the manufacturer has taken the utmost care with their product. Furniture should not have dark spots or scratches and should have uniform colour. Don’t overlook the hidden parts of your piece, hidden joints should not squeak and should be well affixed. Sealing should be even.

Overall, taking your time to find out how your product is made is very important.

Wood for Life cater to both domestic and commercial environments and offer a custom made service. If you have an idea you would like to bring to life, take your design along with you and speak to one of the knowledgeable staff who can assist you.

To find out more about wood that will last a life time, visit Wood for Life at


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