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ParaflexSA: The Strength of Tramontina Brazil

When it comes to quality, ParaflexSA is right on trend with the latest in designer chairs and furniture that evokes style and versatility, whether used inside or outside your home!

They recently landed the agency for plastic quality in outdoor furniture made by Tramontina Brazil. With a range of designer models now available, they bring us durable, designer chairs that have withstood strength testing of up to 168kg.

More than statistics, what truly defines Tramontina is its ongoing endeavor to improve people’s lives. It’s an endeavor that has resulted in over 18,000 items that serve different purposes and have distinctive features, all while embodying the same values of a single brand.

Tramontina has adopted appropriate systems to care for the environment, such as the treatment of waste and effluents, which prevents harmful substances from being discarded into the environment.

Because of this commitment, the company increasingly invests in technologies, equipments, and projects which minimize the environmental impact and favor sustainable development in communities.

Concern and care for the environment have resulted in important achievements such as the ISO 14001 certification, which attests to Tramontina’s Environmental Management System’s quality.


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