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Core Furniture: Outdoor Therapy

Not just furniture. Outdoor Therapy by Varaschin identifies a new lifestyle, a way of living in outdoor spaces at their best. Spending time in the open air has positive effects on the mind, body and soul, reducing stress and increasing happiness. Some people love doing open-air sports, others look for a closer contact with nature or live outdoors as an adventure to explore the world.

Whatever your reason for celebrating the outdoors, Varaschin has a fabulous range of furniture to suit you. These collections are now available locally though Core Furniture. Sizzling horizons, tropical seas, amazing mountains, lively and frenetic metropolis. A common denominator: Varaschin furniture, which makes every indoor and outdoor location unique and stylish.

These modern and charming pieces make for the perfect environment for a dynamic, sophisticated and original contract. Spaces in- and outdoor merge into a harmony of colours and shapes, in which Varaschin furniture fit perfectly as a synergy between comfort and functional design. Each is unique and exclusive, but the weave-philosophy gives to everyone an elegant and refined touch of style, a must for the most prestigious locations. The latest furniture by Varaschin has a fresh, modern and captivating taste, which inspires relaxing moments and a closer contact with nature. Furniture with a refined and functional design for a more enjoyable outdoor life, all year round. Varaschin products are unique and give style and originality to everyday spaces.

The synergetic use of natural materials like wood and stone in conjunction with synthetic fibres and metals, creates products with strong personality and excellent quality, made to last over time. Core Furniture Concepts is the sole distributor of designer furniture from Varaschin in South Africa. Contact: Core Furniture

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