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Bloc Outdoor: Learn to Arrange Your Outdoor Furniture in 4 Easy Steps

Extend your living space outdoors this season and invest in quality outdoor furniture to enjoy the summer months ahead! Bloc Furniture has a fabulous collection of trendy outdoor pieces to wow. Here we share four easy tips to help you arrange your outdoor furniture like a pro!

  1. Go Classic

The easiest way to dress an outdoor living space is with the essentials – two chairs and a sofa for a classic look. This layout works in even smaller areas as well as larger patios, decks and stoeps where a few extra seating solutions are most welcomed!

2. Create outdoor zones

If you have a large outdoor space, be sure to create clear areas to serve multiple functions. Add loungers next to the pool for added seating and create a comfy sofa area and dining area that are separated with clearly defined furniture to suit each space.

3. Fill a Corner

If you have limited space outdoors, be sure to carefully arrange your furniture to maximise the space. Place two sofas together to fill a corner at an angle and create a comfy seating solution for your guests. Corner sofas also help to open up your space for movement and flow. Instead of placing two sofas opposite one another, why not try this look and place two diagonally in a corner to create a designer space.

4. Accessorize to add style

Don’t forget about the smaller details when you are arranging furniture outdoors. Side tables are great for guests to use as well as a central coffee table to place their glasses and plates during outdoor dining. Create vibrancy with a few soft furnishings such as scatters and an outdoor rug to complete your space.

Bloc Outdoor is a proudly South African manufacturer and supplier of exquisite outdoor timber furniture including dining sets, lounging units and more. Solve all of your outdoor furniture problems with the superior finds now available from Bloc Outdoor.

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