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Cane Time Introduces Dedon’s New Outdoor Collections

When it comes to outdoor furniture quality and style join together in the latest offerings from the renowned design team at Dedon. Here we bring you two of the latest collections with Brea and Cirql now available locally through Cane Time.


The modular outdoor lounge system ‘BREA’, designed by Barber & Osgerby for Dedon, is produced at the highest standards. The upholstered sections look and feel permanent, although they can be removed at a moment’s notice. They literally slip on over backrests, side rests and seating. All materials used are suitable not only for use indoors but also outdoors.

For Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the concept of ‘BREA’ derives from their belief that outdoor furniture should receive the same attention to detail they give their indoor designs. Modular sofa systems were typology that, in their view, was particularly ripe for reinvention out of doors. Inspired by the challenge, the designers sought to create a system that would not only allow upholstered elements to be removed, but that would look beautiful with or without them.

Dedon’s ‘BREA’ is characterized by an unparalleled simplicity, quality, and comfort that begins with its innovative tubular frame structure. Three stainless steel ‘loops’, one each for the single-seater, two-seater and three-seater modules, form the basis of the system. Together with a tubular armrest, a tubular backrest, and five cleverly designed universal castings in aluminium, the loops allow for an endless variety of lounging configurations.



With CIRQL, Werner Aisslinger draws on Dedon’s unique hand-weaving heritage. The output: an unmistakably fresh and new outdoor collection. Based on round, friendly shapes and a sophisticated geometric woven pattern, CIRQL manages to be both iconic and inviting. A pleasure to look at and to use. Made with luxurious Dedon Fibunrivalledaled for quality and strength, the collection is able to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions.

In conceiving the collection, Aisslinger was inspired to develop an archetypal new shape. “When you design a chair,” he explains, “this is always the highest goal, to achieve a new archetype, not too complex, that creates a natural sense of connection, as if it had somehow always been around.” Further inspiration came from another Aisslinger project, a hotel set in a semicircular building from the 1950s.


Dedon Cirql

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